FAST Water leak Detection Products

Aqua M50 D

Aqua M50 D

The Aqua M50 device features a high sensitivity level and thus is capable of detecting even smallest leakages. The device is perfectly suited to listen to water meters located at narrow and convoluted spots due to its handy size. The fitter can have it with him/her in a trouser pocket, e.g. when replacing a water meter. Also valve trains can be checked with the Aqua M50 by equipping and using the device in combination with a testrod. As the testrod is variable in its position, the measurement device can also be used for systematic checks on pipeline network systems. Applying the device in combination with a tripod mounted to the testrod is also possible, as is with all AquaM devices. The integrated level indicator objectively reveals the intensity of the leakage-borne noise and thus can easily be applied even by an inexperienced worker. The illuminated display allows reading the measurement values also in a dark environment.

Overview of benefits

  • illuminated display
  • lightness
  • sturdy aluminum case

Aqua M100 D Ground Mic

Aqua M100 D Ground Mic

The Aqua-M100D is used in the water supply bussines to pre-locate (testrod) and to calibrate leakages (geophone). In combination with the Pulse Wave Generator (PWG), it can also be applied to trace the run of a pipeline. The testrod has been developed by F.A.S.T GmbH and features an extremely high sensitivity. It has been designed to detect even minute leakages. The variable testrod is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and to systematically check pipeline network sections.
Ground microphone:
The sheltered ground microphone is capable of pinpointing leakages. The tripod can be mounted on a magnet thus enabling the operator to carry out measurements on soft ground.

Central Unit:
Besides 6 different filter options, the operator can set the level indicator to minimum value, average value, and PWG level value. The integrated memory saves the measurement readings. With this feature, the operator can easily compare the acquired noises with each other. This noticeably supports the exact leakage locating process.

Illuminated display:
The light for the level indication display is switched on and off automatically depending on the lightning conditions on the spot.

Power supply:
If operation of the Aqua M-100D is discontinued for more than one minute, the device will be switched of automatically. This shut-down feature considerably prolongs the operating time of the geophone. Under normal conditions, the accumulators of the Aqua M-100D are operational for up to 10 weeks without beeing recharged. An LED display informs the operator about the condition of the rechargeable accumulators.

Aqua M300 D Combined Unit

Acoustic Leak Detection with Geophon:
A clear and concise displaying supports the leak statement effectively. 256 free and automatic adjustable filter settings achieve effective reduction of noise pollution and best results. Thru the automatic adjustment of amplification and filters the displaying of smallest leaks is certain.

Tracer Gas Detection:
Even the most advanced filter cannot suppress any interference noise, because this some leak is only partially audible. For this instance the Aqua M-300D is fitted with the ultimate Tracer Gas Technology to locate the leak. This decades-proven, safe and accepted method by the international Water Wise Associations (DVGW, IWA, AWWA etc...) is now available for the first time in this smart combination.

Tracing plastic Pipes with PWG:
The localization of plastic pipes is still a major challenge. The Aqua M-300D in combination with the PWG offers an excellent complement to conventional systems, like ground radar and fiberglass detection probes.

Pyramid Mode:
The pyramid mode determined by means of intelligent algorithms in the background automatically optimizes the leak information and thereby enables an unmatched precision in the positioning of the leak. By using these innovative and unique methods of measurement and ultimate Chebyshev analog filter withd 48 dB / octave slope, noise pollution effectively is eliminated. The integrated data logger function provides the ultimate review of the leak. This is particularly useful in situations with high ambient noise. By recording the sound, till a maximum of one hour and closing the pipeline to check, the leak noise can be safely distinguished from pollution noises.

Overview of benefits

  • Daylight readable Color Display with LED Backlight
  • Pyramid mode
  • 256 analog and digital filter stages
  • Automatic function for filtering and amplification
  • Long term measurement
  • Tracer gas leak detection

Gas-Check H2

Gas-Check H2

The H2 Measurement Procedure:
With the Gas-Check-H2 even tiny little leakages can be pinpointed. Hydrogen diffuses through almost any material due to its molecular size. The pipeline section to be checked is filled entirely with gas, and the pressure is increased slowly until the measurement varies according to the size of the leakage, the kind of soil, and the surface structure. The leakage on the pipeline will be below the the spot showing the highest concentration of gas. Usually, the location indicated by the gasCheck does not deviate by more than a few centimetres from the actual leakage location.


Pipe Searching/Leak Locating

  • locating leakages with utmost precision
  • locating pipes including endpoint
  • no interference of ambient noise
  • data transfer via Bluetooth

Range of Use
Home connections are usually made of plastic water pipes. The plastic water pipes reveal the leakage borne noise inadequately. This constitutes a problem for customary correlation procedures. In addition, the exact run of a pipe is often known only vaguely, which frequently leads to misdiggings.

With the acoustic pig developed by F.A.S.T., cracks on home connections/pipes can be located easily due to a special lock which allows the probe to be pushed into the pipe with high pressure (up to 16 bar). As the length and the exact position of the inserted glass fibre can be determined, the leakage spot can be determined with utmost precision.

The acoustic signals are transferred to the headphones and to the geophone respectively via bluetooth. The noise level received is then accoustically and optically displayed on any Aqua-M series (70-300) geophone.

  • both pipe location and leakage detecting process
  • locating leakages with utmost precision
  • no interference of ambient noise
  • indication of applied rod length
  • quick measurement results
  • easy to operate
  • data transfer to geophone/headphones via Bluetooth
  • integrated disinfectant tank

Lokal 300 Correlator

The multifunctional F.A.S.T.-LOKAL 300 leakage detection system is applied to detect leakages (correlation and geophone) on drinking-water networks and to trace out pipelines. Simple operational handling enables even unskilled operators succesfully to locate leakages.

The pressurized medium inside the pipe generates a leakage-borne noise at the leakage spot. This noise travels in both directions through the pipe and is detected by highly sensitive sensors which are mounted at accessible places such as hydrants, valves etc..

The amplified pick-up signal is radio-transmitted to the central unit, and the coherence and correlation functions are calculated and displayed by the LCD.

Overview of benefits

  • portable
  • Correlator / Geophon / Listening device in one compact system
  • user-friendly operation manual
  • sturdy aluminum case
  • real 500 mW radio power
  • direct loading via car cigarette lighter
  • Headphone jack on central unit and measuring boxes

Testrod and Geophone:
The testrod has been developed by F.A.S.T GmbH and features an extremely high sensitive. It has been designed to detect even minute leakages. As the length of the testrod is adjustable, it is perfectly well suited to listen to water meters and to systematically check pipeline network sections.

When leakage-borne noises have been detected with the testrod or when the result of the correlations has to be double-checked, the integrated geophone can be applied. The filters are automatically or manually set according to the kind of leackage-borne noise. The in-built data memory device allows a comparison of the detected noises and thus supports the pinpointing process to precisely locate the leakage.

FAST PWG/2 (pulse wave generator)

The PWG pipe locating system consists of a receiver (geophone) and an electronic pulse generator PWG to be screwed on a water pipeline or on a hydrant. This system allows location non-metal pipes running up to 2 metres below the surface. Technical effort can be kept low, and the pipe section does not need to be shut down during the location process. The particular pipe section requires a minimum pressure of 2 bar, and handling the system is very simple. No special skills required.

Field of application
The waves generated by the device travel best on an even ground structure and ground surface. Under good conditions, distances of between 50 metres and 600 meters can be covered. The Pulse Wave Generator system can help to draft, amend, or check network plans, and it can be used both inside and outside residential areas. Also unknown pipes can be located quickly and reliably with this system.