Ritelite Lighting Towers

Ritelite K50/K65

Ritelite K50/K65 Ritelite K50/K65 Ritelite K50/K65 Ritelite K50/K65

Why Do So Many Sports Clubs Choose Our Portable Floodlights?

Cheaper than a permanent floodlight system

No planning permission required

Allows evening training sessions on any sports pitch or area of the sports facility

Highly flexible – easy to manoeuvre to any location

One person deployment system – quick and easy setup

High power LED lights; mains or generator powered

Ritelite K10

Ritelite K10 Ritelite K10 Ritelite K10

Whatever illumination your task requires:

  • 360° area floodlighting
  • Directional area flood lighting
  • Long distance spot lighting
  • Or a combination of all three!

Why do you need the Ritelite K10?

More Flexible

Typical portable area floodlights have a fixed beam angle which cannot be adjusted according to the task in hand. The Ritelite K10 offers users both flood and spot beam angles and anything in between split over 3 headlets making it the ideal light for all applications.

More Control

The lumen output of the K10 is controlled to effectively illuminate a wide range of different working situations. Without control, lumens output can be misleading for example a laser beam with very high output is useless for lighting a whole area where a wide beam angle is required. Lumens Output is only the amount of light emitted from the light source and not the amount of light projected onto your work task.

More Efficient

Don’t waste critical battery power illuminating the sky or any other areas where the light is of no benefit to your work task.

Highest Level Of Usable Light

All Ritelite products are designed on our philosophy to provide the highest level of “useable light” to the widest range of work task situations.

Use For Any Lighting Application

The K10, with its industry leading triple light head design incorporating the unique Ritelite Light Management System, puts the maximum amount of light where you need it for any application.

Longer Running Times

The K10 gives you total control to optimally illuminate any work task with the highest possible energy efficiency, to enable longer running times in critical situations when working remotely from a power source.

Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

The ‘Medi Cobra’ rodding system gives a compact and labour saving solution whether installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains with CCTV cameras.

Contact us today with your size and length requirements so we can quote you accordingly.

Flexitrace Duct Tracing Reel

Flexitrace Duct Tracing Reel

The Flexitrace system gives a compact and labour saving solution when locating non-metallic ducts and drains. This provides the benefits of a sonde and a continuous trace system in one compact unit. An improved coil size of 8.3mm diameter allows far better flexibility when rodding through small diameter ducts, 1/2 inch (12.7mm) water and gas pipes, including the joints and bends on those pipes down to a bend radius of approximately 250mm.