Messursi Tracked Dumper



• Tracked undercarriage with hydrostatic transmission fitted with a modular chassis able to receive a wide number of equipments.

• Double effect cylinder for the frontal lifting of the accessories.

• Rubber tracks realized in monobloc structure with core in iron wire and inserts in treated iron.

• Endothermic petrol engine, air cooled; manual start by rope tearing. Hydrostatic transmission controlled by manual levers with 3 gear pumps and fixed displacement orbital engines. Steering throughout the rotation of the tracks.

• Two levers connected with the hydraulic distributor to control travelling. Each lever controls independently the movements of each track, enabling the operator to have a complete control in every phase.

• 2nd travel speed is operated by a lever on the hydraulic distributor.

• Loading skip with large angle of discharge. The round shaped design gives both to the machine a new styling and allows a quick discharge of the transported materials.

Optional equipment

• Operator’s footboard as standard fitting

• Electric start

• Engine cover



Our New tank/skip New design Reinforced Rubber Diesel Hydrostatic Hydraulic new minidumper CH-2N is the technological development of the previous model CH-2R, of which has been maintained the best characteristics, even improved with a series of new technical solutions together with a more up-to-date design;

- with round shaped design, recalling the line of all current models.
- of the engine cover protecting also the battery (which is now “High capacity” with fast discharge rate of 420 A to make the start of the engine easier even in arctic zones).
- idler with new watertight bearings and with a loading capacity increased of 70% than the previous version.
- The engine has been relocated in order to reduce the rear size so to give an higher stability to the empty machine.
- Larger radiator and heat exchanger.
- track built with a monobloc structure incorporating a core of continuous steel wire and heat treated embedded metals.
- or petrol engine 13 Hp, water cooled, with electric start as standard equipment.
- transmission consisting in two axial pistons pumps of variable displacement and two orbital motors of fixed displacement, with planetary drives with multiple disk brakes and negative control system.
- P.T.O. (optional) with flow of 20 l/min and pressure of 140 bar.



• Tracked dumper with hydrostatic transmission having two independent circuits with variable displacement axial piston pump and two speeds axial piston motor for each track.
• Machine with two speeds with electric selection.
• Controls are completely pilot assisted through joy-sticks assembled on the armrests of the driver’s seat, which is rotating of 180° to keep the operator always oriented in the running direction. A particular electric-hydraulic switch permits to maintain the position of the joy-stick’s control in correspondence with the running direction however the seat is oriented.
• Counter-rotation of the tracks.
• Mechanical parking brake with negative control to stop the machine on deep slopes.
• Chassis with modular structure composed of a tractor unit set up on a unified frame apt to receive various attachments. undercarriage with oscillating axles and rubber tracks, suitable for high speeds. The considerable ground clearance allows the easy motion even on dirt patches and on rough terrains.
• Tracked machine on bearing rollers supported by “long life” rolling taper roller bearings.
• Loading body with automatic unloading on the three sides , moved by joy-stick. The high front dumping angle permits a perfect unloading even on slopes.
• The engine considerable oversized for the features of the machine, is placed under a big bonnet, tiltable, allowing an easy and comfortable access to all the components of the transmission, of the engine and of the hydraulic system for a quick and safe maintenance of the machine.
• As optional fitting the machine can be equipped with an hydraulic P.T.O. with delivery of 36 l/min at 170 bar, deliverable even after the purchase of the machine.